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Clue Solving Adventures

Are you ready for an adventure? Breakaway Experiences’ clue solving adventures will have you, your family and friends and working together to use teamwork, determination and logic to make your way through interactive scavenger hunt style mysteries while learning the history and hidden facts about your city.

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Atlanta Escape Room Experience

Atlanta Escape Room

WhereAtlanta, Georgia
Challenge yourself with an interactive, exhilarating escape room experience in Atlanta. Choose a themed room, put your teamwork skills and wits to the test and solve a series of elaborate puzzles in order to escape in time!
From $37
Austin Escape Room Experience Texas

Austin Escape Room

WhereAustin, Texas
Are you looking for looking for a really unique experience? See if you can escape from Austin's most interactive and engaging experiences - exciting escape rooms where every aspect of the story has been designed to put you and your friends’ deductive skills to the ultimate test!
From $36
Chicago escape room experience with the escape game - Breakaway Experiences

Chicago Escape Room

WhereChicago, Illinois
Enjoy a fun time out with friends on an exciting interactive escape room experience. See if you can free yourselves from Chicago’s most compelling escape rooms!
From $40
Cincinnati escape room experience with the escape game - Breakaway Experiences

Cincinnati Escape Room

WhereCincinnati, Ohio
Take your puzzle solving skills to the next level with an immersive Cincinnati Escape Room experience. Choose one of several uniquely themed rooms, then put your wits to the test as you and your team race against the clock to find hidden objects, decipher clues and escape the room!
From $34
Columbus Ohio Escape Room Experience

Columbus Escape Room

WhereColumbus, Ohio
Experience the most mind-bending escape rooms in Columbus. Work together as a team to solve riddles, puzzles, and challenges as you are racing against the clock.
From $35
Dallas escape room experience the escape game Breakaway Experiences

Dallas Escape Room

WhereDallas, Texas
Put your wits to the test. You and your team will have 60 minutes to figure out a variety of challenging puzzles and solve the mystery of an interactive Dallas escape room if you want to escape!
From $34
Houston Escape Room Experience

Houston Escape Room

WhereHouston, Texas
Get ready for a truly immersive experience! From the moment you step into your Houston Escape Room, it's a race to solve the mystery before time runs out!
From $37
Irvine, California escape room experience with the escape game

Irvine Escape Room

WhereIrvine, California
With unique twists at every turn, immersive, themed Irvine Escape Rooms are a great way for you and your friends to enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles as you race against the clock.
From $43
Jacksonville escape room with The Escape Game - Breakaway Experiences

Jacksonville Escape Room

WhereJacksonville, Florida
Ready for a little adventure and mystery with your friends? A Jacksonville Escape Room experience is the way to go. Follow clues, solve puzzles, and escape!
From $35
King of Prussia escape room experience with the escape game, Pennsylvania

King of Prussia Escape Room

WhereKing of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Race against the clock in a thrilling life-size game where you and your friends work your way through a series of riddles, clues, and puzzles to escape the room. Become immersed in an engaging storyline where you escape from prison, find the hidden gold, or recover a stolen masterpiece.
From $35
Las Vegas escape room with The Escape Game - Breakaway Experiences

Las Vegas Escape Room

WhereLas Vegas, Nevada
Gather your friends and put your wits to the ultimate test with a live-action Las Vegas Escape Room adventure that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Step into a fully immersive world of mystery, puzzles, and challenges.
From $40
Minneapolis Escape Room Experience, Minnesota

Minneapolis Escape Room

WhereMinneapolis, Minnesota
Are you ready to take on this thrilling challenge? Find hidden clues and solve tricky puzzles in the most mind-boggling escape rooms in Minneapolis.
From $38
Nashville Escape Room Experience, Tennessee

Nashville Escape Room

WhereNashville, Tennessee
Put your problem-solving skills the test and take on the most mind-bending escape rooms in Nashville. Step into a fully immersive world of puzzles, clues, surprises, and adventure!
From $34
New Orleans Escape Room Experience  Louisiana

New Orleans Escape Room

WhereNew Orleans, Louisiana
Ready for an interactive, challenging real-life gaming experience? See if you and your friends can escape from New Orleans’ most exciting, immersive Escape Rooms. Find clues, solve puzzles and escape in time!
From $35
New York City  Room Experience, Breakaway Experiences

New York City Escape Room

WhereNew York City, New York
Get ready for an exciting immersive adventure where you and your friends have 60-minutes to find hidden objects, solve puzzles and escape the room! Every aspect of these New York City Escape Room games has been designed to put your deductive skills to the ultimate test!
From $43

ONLINE GAMING - Play together OR apart. NEW! Virtual Escape Rooms. Play live with a guide in a real escape room!

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