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Drag Racing Experience, St. Louis

Experience first-hand the lightning speed of a high-powered dragster. Whether you are buying this as an experience gift or treating yourself, this drag racing experience at World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, Illinois, just minutes from St. Louis, provides the ultimate driving experience.
COVID-19 SAFETY:OPEN - Please see bottom of page for details
Where:Madison, Illinois
Where:St. Louis, Missouri
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 18 years
Price for:1 Participant
Picture of The Qualifier - Drag Racing Experience - St. Louis
The Qualifier - Drag Racing Experience - St. Louis
Includes 2 runs down the strip – a 330 ft. run and a 1/8-mile run.
Picture of The Eliminator  - Drag Racing Experience - St. Louis
The Eliminator - Drag Racing Experience - St. Louis
Includes 3 runs down the strip - a 330 ft. run, a 1/8-mile run, and a full ¼-mile run.
Picture of Ride Along  - Drag Racing Experience - St. Louis
Ride Along - Drag Racing Experience - St. Louis
Includes 1 run down the strip in a 2-seater dragster.

Get ready for long, loud, smoky, full throttle burn outs!

This is your chance to be launched down the 1/4 mile drag strip at 130mph in 10 seconds! Feel the overwhelming power of the engine behind you and the G-force from the 800+ horsepower dragster as it accelerates down the strip!

No racing experience is required to drive a dragster!

Your driving adventure begins with receiving classroom, on-track, and in-car instruction from veteran drag racers. You’ll get suited up in fireproof racing gear and climb into the cockpit of the dragster. Your instructors will make sure are strapped in tight and then it’s time to take off!

When the Christmas tree lights turns green, put the pedal to the floor and hang on for a long, smoky burnout followed by an awesome full force launch. You’ll be gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles, pinned deep into your seat.

All runs are done incrementally with your first pass going to the 330ft mark, the second to the 1/8 mile and your third covering the full 1/4 mile.

Dragster Ride Along: Ride in a real dragster!
Buckle up in a special two-seat dragster with a professional driver at the controls. Hang on and get ready for acceleration unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Get ready for the ride of your life and soar down the drag strip. This car racing experience is the perfect unique gift for every fan of going really fast!


  • Experience intense G-forces as you launch your dragster off the line.
  • Reach speeds up to 130mph.
  • Instruction from drag racer professionals.

What's included:

  • The Qualifier– 2 runs down the strip – a 330 ft. run and a 1/8-mile.
  • The Eliminator – 3 runs down the strip - 330 ft. run, a 1/8 mile, and a full 1/4 mile run.
  • Ride Along - 1 run down the strip.
  • Safety session and orientation.
  • Track orientation and demonstration run.
  • All necessary protectivegear including a fireproof racing suit, gloves, neck collar, and helmet.

2022 Dates*

  • August 14, 2022

*Dates are subject to change
This experience has limited space and only selected dates to choose from.

Location: World Wide Technology Raceway, in Madison, Illinois, just minutes from St. Louis. (formerly Gateway Motorsports Park) VIEW MAP

Need to know:

  • All dragsters have automatic transmission.
  • The minimum age for participation is 18 years.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license to participate.
  • This experience is dependent on weather. Should your date be cancelled due to weather, your certificate will be honored for a future date. No refunds can be issued.
  • All participants must be in good health and able to enter and exit the car on their own.
  • Minimum weight required is 100lbs. Maximum weight allowable is based on proportionate sizing. Refunds will not be given if you are not able to fit in the car.
  • Minimum height requirement is 5’ tall. The maximum height permitted is 6'5".
  • Please wear closed-toed shoes like sneakers or rubber soled shoes. Open toed shoes are not permitted.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes.  You will be wearing a full racing suit over your clothing.
  • You are financially responsible for all damage caused to the car due to driver negligence/error. A Vehicle Protection Plan is available for $38.00 at the course on the day of your event or when you reserve your experience day/time with the experience provider. This protection plan covers you for all damages caused to the vehicle and is subject to a $1000 deductible.  Payments for damages must be paid at the track at the time of the incident. Due to the quality of the training and cars, damage is rare.

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