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Exotic Car Driving Experience, Motor Mile Speedway

Slide behind the wheel and drive either a Ferrari, McLaren, or Lamborghini. Put your driving skills to the test with this Exotic Car Autocross Experience at Motor Mile Speedway, Virginia. Discover the real meaning of automotive genius!
Where:Roanoke, Virginia
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 18 years
Price for:1 Participant
3 laps Exotic Car Racing Experience Motor Mile Speedway
3 laps - Exotic Car Autocross Racing Experience - Motor Mile Speedway
Old price: $199.00
 5 laps Exotic Car Autocross Racing Experience Motor Mile Speedway
5 laps - Exotic Car Autocross Racing Experience - Motor Mile Speedway
Old price: $299.00
Buckle up and drive the exotic car of your dreams! 

This autocross racing experience is your chance to take control and experience driving heaven in an elite, high-performance exotic car.  Lamborghini, McLaren or Ferrari … which will you choose?

Autocross racing puts the focus on a driver’s skills and reflexes rather than just speed. You’ll navigate a one-kilometer-long autocross track with cones full of twists and turns in the exotic car of your choice. You’ll be competing against the clock rather than other cars and drivers.

A seasoned driving instructor will be in the passenger seat next to  you, coaching you throughout the entire experience. Their goal is to guide you along the fastest lines so that you can achieve your best possible lap time. With each lap, see if you can improve your time and skill level.  You will be amazed at the speed, power, responsiveness, and style of these amazing cars.

Prepare yourself for an incredible driving experience that only a privileged few comprehend as you throw the Lamborghini, McLaren, or Ferrari into the tight turns of the autocross course at Motor Mile Speedway.

2024 Dates*

  • Buckle up - 2024 season dates coming soon!

*Dates are subject to change. This experience has limited space and only selected dates to choose from.


  • Race around a professionally designed autocross course with no speed limits.
  • Put your reflexes and driving skills to the ultimate test.
  • No experience is necessary.

The Cars: 

  • Lamborghini LP 560-4 Gallardo Coupe -  Top Speed: 200 mph • Acceleration: 0–60 in 4.5 seconds *
  • McLaren MP4-12C - Top Speed: 207 mph • Acceleration: 0–60 in 3.0 seconds​ *
  • Ferrari 458 Italia - Top Speed: 201 mph • Acceleration: 0–60 in 3.4 seconds *
  • All the cars have automatic transmissions.
  • You can choose the exotic car that you will drive when you reserve your experience day/time with the experience provider.*

Where:  Fairlawn, Virginia, approximately 1-hour from Roanoke.  VIEW MAP

Need to know:

  • The 1-mile autocross course built is with cones and designed for agility driving.
  • The cars available on the day may be subject to change.
  • Depending on the number of laps, you can expect to be at the facility for 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours.
  • A valid driver’s license is required.
  • The minimum age for participation is 18 years old.
  • The minimum height requirement is 5 ft.
  • An instructor will be in the passenger seat for safety, guidance, and insurance purposes.
  • You will have complete control of the vehicle.
  • This experience is weather dependent. Should your event date be cancelled due to weather, your certificate will be honored for a future date. No refunds can be issued.
  • Please wear clothes that are not constricting and are comfortable.
  • Friends and family are welcome to watch as you race. Their access to the course will be limited due to safety regulations.
  • A $49 Vehicle Damage Policy must be purchased prior to driving any vehicle on the course. You can purchase insurance at the course on the day of your event or when you reserve your experience day/time with the experience provider. Insurance must be purchased for each vehicle or experience if the same participant is driving multiple vehicles. The policy will remain in force until the conclusion of your driving experience. It covers all damages with a zero deductible. Insurance is not required for rides, only drives.

Make an a exotic car lover's day with a really fast experience gift near Roanoke Virginia! 

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