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Learn 2 Fly, Hartford CT

Discover what it’s like to fly an airplane with this exciting introductory flight lesson! Feel the unforgettable thrill of taking the controls and soaring through the sky as you learn to fly over Harford!
Where:Hartford, Connecticut
Price for:1 Participant

If you've always dreamt of flying, this introductory flying lesson will give you a hands-on taste on what it's like!

Your lesson begins with meeting your Certified Flight Instructor and a pre-flight briefing before strapping yourself into the airplane and getting ready for departure. The flight includes roughly 45 minutes in the plane with the student at the controls of our aircraft. YOU FLY THE PLANE!

Once airborne, the fun part of learning to fly really begins. After a demonstration of how to maneuvre the aircraft, you get to take the controls. You’ll practice flying straight and level, climbing, descending, turns, and staying on a straight course ... easier said than done!

You can stay in control of the aircraft for most of the time if you want, or the instructor can take over while you enjoy the view and take a few pictures for lasting memories of the experience. As your flying lesson approaches its end, the instructor will take over for landing.

As a final bonus, should you get the flying bug and decide to get your license, this flying lesson counts towards flight time for your future pilot certification. You will be provided with a free student pilot logbook with the flight time logged from the flight. You'll already be on your way to becoming a pilot!

What's included:

  • 45 minutes in the plane.
  • 30-45 minutes on the ground, where the instructor will get a feel for what you want to accomplish during your lesson, along with a pre-flight briefing.
  • Instruction from a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI).
  • A free Pilot Logbook with the flight time logged.

When: Available year-round Monday - Sunday *
*Subject to availability.

Duration: 45-minutes in the plane + pre-flight briefing

Need to know:

  • This experience has limited space.  Please book your experience as early as possible.
  • The is no age limit for an Introductory Flying Lesson.
  • This flight time applied towards earning a pilot certificate.
  • The flight is only for 1 student and the pilot (no passengers).

This experience takes place at Hartford, Connecticut.  VIEW MAP

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