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Mermaid Swimming Class, Austin

Swimmers of all ages can learn to swim like a mermaid, wearing a specially designed, colorful “tail”. In this 1-hour aqua-fitness class, you’ll learn swimming techniques to get you looking and feeling like a beautiful mermaid.
Where:Austin, Texas
Age restriction:Minimum age for participation - 7 years
Price for:1 Participant
Picture of Mermaid Swimming Class, Austin - Adult / Teen
Mermaid Swimming Class, Austin - Adult / Teen
Adult / Teen = 13 + years. Price shown is per person.
Picture of Mermaid Swimming Class, Austin - Child
Mermaid Swimming Class, Austin - Child
Child = 7 - 12 years. Price shown is per person.
Fun for both adults and kids!

This one-hour session is a fairy tale come true as you master various techniques and moves. The Mermaid Swimming Class, a fusion of monofin and synchronized swimming, is a safe, fun, structured activity and offers a unique core workout. With other aspiring mermaids, you’ll learn how to swim like a mermaid, while expressing yourself in a unique way.

During this 60-minute aqua-fitness class you’ll learn how to propel yourself forward using both legs as a mermaid tail and your core muscles. Prepare to be surprised at the power and speed you'll have using the mermaid's tail.

Mermaid monofin:The monofin has a foot pocket with adjustable straps and is flexible to follow the wave movement of your body. The fabric is stretchy and breathable with a zipper on the side to allow easy and quick access for safe removal in the water.

Class itinerary:

  • Welcome to mermaid swimming and stretching
  • 5 minutes           Tails selection, how to wear and take care of your mermaid tail.
  • 10 minutes         Swimming level evaluation and swimming warm up without the tail.
  • 5 minutes           Swimming with the mermaid tail and floaters.
  • 10 minutes         Swimming without floaters.
  • 20 minutes         Swimming techniques.
  • 5 mininutes        Mermaid Games and free swim.
  • 5 minutes            Opportunity to take your own photos.

What’s included:

  • Mermaid tail rental
  • 60-minute class

Duration:60 minutes

Available year round*
*subject to availability.

Needto know:

  • Minimum age for participation is 7 years.
  • All participants must be confident swimmers.
  • No previous diving experience is necessary.
  • Wear a comfortable bathing suit (one or two pieces are good). Make sure your bathing suit allows you to move freely.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal 2-hours prior to the class.
  • It is recommended you bring goggles, lock and towel. Lockers are available free of charge for your cell phone and other personal belongings.
  • Family and friends can watch the class from the other side of the pool windows in the waiting area.
  • The 10 last minutes of the class are for free swim. Family and friends are welcome to the side of the pool to take pictures.

If you are looking to get in touch with your inner mermaid, for a new exercise experience, or for a unique experience gift then this Mermaid Swimming Class in Austin is the way to go. 

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